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A philosophy echoing consistent quality assurance and service

Why Shakuntala Agarbathi Company

Shakuntala Agarbathi Co. has spread over a 75,000 sq.ft area with dedicated and experienced employees.

Our shared values guide everything we do

Our Values

  • Ethical: Our actions reflect our absolute commitment to our customers, our suppliers, our people and our planet.
  • Quality: from ingredients and technology to people and premises, we invest only in the highest quality available.
  • Integrity: we act honestly and openly at all times: our word is our bond.
  • Dignity: we will never compromise our reputation for excellence.
  • Courage: where we can make a positive change, we’re willing to challenge the status quo.
  • Efficiency: Over 200+ ready fragrances in incense products and still growing. We have an In-house process to ensure that products reach customers on time with consistent quality batch after batch.